Middle East - Underground Hydrocarbon Storage Project

Under ground storage at several locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the complex supporting infrastructure above the ground.

The Midroc subsidiary ABV Rock Group has since the latter part of 1980´s been engaged in a gigantic EPC (Engineer - Procure - Construct) undertaking for storage of refined hydrocarbons within the strategic defence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The works were finalized in 2008 and all sites are fully operational and have been handed ovder to the client. At the peak in 1994, the project employed approximately 12,000 persons.

The project comprises under ground hydrocarbon storage at several locations in the country and the complex supporting infrastructure above the ground. It also includes an extensive distribution pipeline network. Because of the ground water situation in the Kingdom, extreme precautions were taken to eliminate contamination.

Much of the material and equipment for the storage site was supplied by more tham 90 Saudi factories. More than 1000 Saudi businesses participated in executing the project. Underground tunnels were decorated with paintings by local artists.

This mega-project comprises all tasks required for a major turn key project, such as

  • selection of site locations based on geological, environmental and strategic considerations
  • conceptual and detailed design
  • procurement of equipment and bulk items
  • construction
  • training
  • commissioning
  • start-up
  • operation and maintenance (one year)