Abha Pipeline Project

This Saudi Arabian project provides fresh hydrocarbon products to an underground storage facility and thereby replacing aged products which are distributed for consumption.

(2009-10-16 Middle East)

The spectacular work in this mountainous terrain was to construct a 238 km long 14 inch buried cross-country pipeline from Jizan to Abha and a 12 inch buried cross-country pipeline 6.4 km long from Abha to the Storage Plant.

The work also included installation of scraper trap at Abha and Jizan and the construction of a pump station at Jizan. The project also called for the
construction of booster pumps, diesel & firewater storage tanks, diesel storage transfer pumps and firewater pumps and an electrical substation at Abha.

The receiving station in Abha includes a pressure reducing station, distribution and receiver manifold and metering skids. A cathodic protection system and state of the art telecommunication system formed an integral part of this undertaking.