Africa - Addis International Catering

On the premises of the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Midroc Project Management AB has constructed a state of the art Airline Catering Facility that meets the international requirements and standards regarding hygiene set by ITCA.

The construction work started May 2007 and was finalised in June 2008. The Catering Facility started its deliveries to their clients in October 2008 and employees some 200 Ethiopian citizens.

Construction Management

The Construction Management including site supervision was undertaken by Midroc Project Management AB, with the purpose to safeguard the performance and quality of the completed catering facility. Goods and Services required for a building project of European design is not obtainable in Ethiopia and was therefore procured from outside the country and shipped in.


The subsequent erection on site was constructed by some 300 local labours under Midroc Project Management AB supervision. Through local representatives,local labour was sourced and recruited in Addis Ababa. Many trades were represented, such as concrete workers, welders, pipe fitters, carpenters, painters and decorators. In support of construction work, local contractors for cranes, trucks, security, IT etc. was also hired. Also unskilled labours were recruited, contributing with general services.


The building area is some 6,000 sqm where the flight kitchen is taking the main part, shared also with office spaces, storage areas, refrigeration and freezer rooms, production areas with hot kitchen, bakery, packing, etc.

Beside the normal installations such as HVAC, electrical and water & sewage, the facility has its own garbage collection pipe system with down spouts in the kitchen area. The facility also has its own water treatment plant including desalination and UV-treatment. It also has its own sewage treatment plant with an end-product similar to rainwater in quality which is used for irrigation purposes at the facility.