The Petroleum Sector

The MIDROC Group entered the global Petroleum Market in the early eighties. Through a series of well-timed and incisive acquisitions, the Group through its Corral Petroleum Holdings AB has become a major independent oil company, which is extremely well positioned to successfully face the challenges of oil industry.

Our activities include

  • upstream exploration and production in numerous countries
    such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Angola and the Ivory Coast
  • refining in countries like Sweden and Morocco
  • distribution in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Sweden and Ethiopia

Through dynamic and decisive management, seasoned team of experts, strong investment schemes and well-situated presence in the market place, we are able to compete in the volatile and challenging oil markets. We have and continue to demonstrate our strong commitment to the petroleum market and our aspiration to grow, modernize and diversify, while maintaining our clean environment and providing the best levels of service to our customers.