Middle East

Saudi Arabia is a primary interest to the MIDROC group. MIDROC endeavored to invest, grow and engage in the economic development of the country. This resulted in a portfolio of companies that is involved in many sectors of the economy.

Engineering and Construction

Our Group offers full services in Engineering and Construction and has been involved in complex Mega-projects such as the Underground Hydrocarbon Storage project for the Kingdom.

Other Engineering & Construction projects involved building hospitals, factories, office building and residential complexes, with all the tremendous logistical requirements for these projects. Our growth can be characterized as continuous and adaptive.

We also serve the Saudi oil sector through specialized companies that erect storage tanks utilizing state of the art technologies in this regard.

Industrial Sector

In addition to our Engineering & Construction activities, we are involved in the industrial sector with factories producing a variety of products such as Biomedical products and furniture. Major investments in the Petrochemical sector are in various stages of development with the aim of establishing numerous petrochemical plants that take advantage of energy and feedstock availability in the Kingdom to meet the increasing world demand.

Other Sectors

Notwithstanding the value-added industries, we are involved in trade activities of properties and various consumer commodities. To support market demands as well as our own operational and logistical requirements, the Group owns companies and establishments that offer a wide range of services from travel and passenger services, to cargo and forwarding services worldwide.

Through a balanced approach, we have maintained our sense of tradition while providing excellence and solid competence to our clients. It is through our efficient operation that we intend to compete in the ever-changing local requirements and global challenges.

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