Midroc Europe is the brand that brings together the Europe-based Midroc companies.

Financial strength combined with highly competent human resources, shared values and culture form the base for Midroc Europe. Whilst the bulk of operational activities are in Sweden, business expansion into Europe is progressing with the establishment of branches and business operations in France, Germany, Poland, the UK and South Africa.

Business Areas

The European business operations are grouped into three major Business Areas that are subdivided into the field of expertise to which the subsidiary is related. Group companies operate in the following business segments:

  • Contracting & Consulting
  • Property Investments
  • New Technologies

Dynamic Approach

Each Midroc Europe company pursues a dynamic customer-oriented approach to the provision of services, either as an individual Midroc subsidiary or in co-operation with sister subsidiaries on a case-by-case basis. Our objective is to establish integrated, one-to-one relationships with our clients, characterized by collaboration, trust and longterm relations.

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