The MIDROC Group has selected Ethiopia to be its base in Africa. Operations in numerous other African Countries are under various development stages. The Ethiopian operation is managed through MIDROC Ethiopia Holding Company. Although Ethiopia is one of the world least developed countries, its natural resources coupled with its economic liberation measures create very favorable investment opportunities and make it potentially rich and ready for development.

Diversity of Investments

Since its establishment in 1996, MIDROC Ethiopia has been vigorously engaged, through its specialized companies, in numerous economic sectors. Major development projects were undertaken throughout the country. The main investment fields include agriculture, agro industry, construction, aviation, mining, industry, hotels and tourism, leather, soft drinks, healthcare and real estate.

Fulfilling commitment to Ethiopian Society

In fulfilling our commitments to the communities we serve, we have through our investment in Ethiopia, provided thousands of job opportunities to Ethiopians in addition to positively participating in the development of the country. The Group has a very positive view of the African Continent and has a sincere will to play a role in its development and prosperity.